DofE Walking Expeditions

No Limits Development offers walking expeditions at Bronze, Silver and Gold level and will design a programme of training and expeditions specifically for your DofE group, at locations convenient to your school.

As DofE Expeditions by foot are the most popular mode of travel we offer a number of options that enables schools the flexibility to deliver their expeditions in the most cost effective and efficient manner;

Expedition only: includes instruction, supervisors, assessors, booking of campsites, camp fees (participants and staff) and form completion (green/red). This works well for schools who have their own equipment, but lack qualified staff or the time for planning & admin.

Complete package: in addition to the above this includes full use of group equipment – tents, cookers, fuel, emergency kit, etc.

Staff only support: If you simply require an additional supervisor or assessor to support the smooth running of one of your DofE Expeditions we can help. This is a cost-effective way of running expeditions in-house, but bringing in additional support for weekends and expeditions as required.

Further details of what is included in each package and costs can be obtained by contacting No Limits Development directly.