Pupils will experience world exploration from the perspective of real life explorers, before embarking on their own journey in later modules – learning to survive then thrive in the outdoors

Escaping from the hungry polar bear,  discovering giant anaconda in the rainforest, or rescuing your friends from an avalanche.  These are just some of the experiences awaiting young explorers as they travel around the world from pole to pole.  Along the way they will discover and learn about wilderness environments including , mountains, jungles, deserts & the Polar Regions.

This interactive workshop offers a unique educational experience for pupils aged 7-11 years old. which can be tailored in length according to your needs. Programmes can be developed from 3 hours to a full day, and to fit around the usual school timings for assembly, lunch and break time.

The core workshop has been developed to provide pupils with an engaging cross- curricular experience designed to enable them to explore the natural world around them, developing a better understanding of the following key habitats:

  • Polar Regions
  • Mountains
  • Deserts
  • Jungles

This will include: Seeing how the plants, animals and people have specifically adapted to survive in these environments and why. Discussing the positive and negative impacts that humans are having on these environments, and the wider impact this may have. Looking at technical advances and how these have impacted on exploration and the lives of people around the world. The workshop will be delivered by real life explorers who share their experiences with the pupils and encourage them to ask questions about “what it is really like?” and “why do they do it?

Duration: 1 day

Age: 5 – 9

Locations: School grounds, we ideally require an indoor space for discussion & outdoor area for team games and tasks..