“Every expedition offers its share of challenge and adventure – that is how students learn new skills and reach their full potential”

The safety of all young people and accompanying staff is our utmost priority. As such our programmes adhere to strict supervision ratio guidelines as outlined by the education system and AALA licensing.

To ensure the safety of everyone involved in our expeditions we implement the following safety measures:

• AALA licensing/ inspection
• Thorough site specific risk assessments
• Stringent safety operating procedures
• 24hr back up during all expeditions
• Provision of safety equipment

When it comes to safety, the quality and experience of our staff is our biggest asset. They continuously review the level of risk during every stage of an expedition and all hold;

• First aid qualifications relevant to the remote areas in which we sometimes work
• Safety management training
• Appropriate NGB qualifications – all are a minimum of ML Summer assessed.