Explorer 2

Following on from the one day event, this exciting 2 day programme takes pupils on a journey from surviving – to thriving in the outdoors.

Through learning essential survival skills pupils develop knowledge in bushcraft principles such as fire lighting, shelter building, cooking snacks on an open fire, water purification and learning about navigation. They also learn how to select and set up their own campsite, before embarking on their own night under canvas. And all without having to leave the school grounds!

Working in teams, pupils not only develop an understanding of exploration, bushcraft & survival, they also gain confidence and build a sense of independence.

Over the 2 days students will also learn how to identify different trees, wildlife and how to tie different knots. All these activities are interspaced with games & other team tasks that make the programme fun & truly outstanding, whilst further developing interpersonal skills.

• shelter building
• Firelighting
• cooking snacks on an open fire
• animal tracking
• water purification
• navigation.
• Knots
• Identification of trees, birds & wildlife

Duration: 2 days

Age: 7 – 12

Locations: School grounds, or nearby location if school ground are unsuitable.