Our Bushcraft programmes allow students to develop personal and social skills in a unique environment. Along with an understanding and appreciation of nature.

Our Bushcraft adventure takes your students on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery where they can explore their surroundings, gain a greater understanding of nature, the outdoor environment and themselves

Throughout the programme students work in teams to learn, and then practice exciting Bushcraft skills.  As confidence grows, students will be shown, by our highly experienced staff, how to take their bushcraft skill to the next level.   As they have the opportunity to prepare and cook a full meal over an open fire & if they choose spend a night in their shelter built by themselves.

This fun, hands on challenging programme encourages student to step outside their comfort zones to discover and experience survival situations which help develop a sense of exploration, curiosity and adventure. Where they also gain confidence, build a sense of independence and learn other valuable life skills.

All these activities are interspaced with games & other team tasks that make the programme fun & truly outstanding.

The itinerary focuses on;

  • Building shelters and surviving the elements
  • Using fire for cooking, warmth and to signal for help
  • Camouflage, hunting and Archery
  • Finding water, and making it safe to drink
  • Navigation including the use of natural indicators
  • First aid

In addition to practising bushcraft & survival skills it is possible to include other activities such as raft-building and climbing into the itinerary.

Duration: 1 – 3 days, programmes of a longer duration can be offered to include other activities.

Age: 6 – 18

Locations: Our Bushcraft equipment can be transported to any venue in the UK, meaning we can deliver a Bushcraft course on school grounds or at a suitable nearby location.

We can also incorporate Bushcraft modules into any of our Adventure Programmes.


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